Enerparc Inc. is based in Oakland, California. We develop and implement sustainable, profitable solar projects by building strong relationships with clients and partners. We view ourselves as an enabler of projects, leveraging our experience in engineering and constructing large-scale solar systems and in owning solar assets.

In doing so, we draw on our core strengths, which are:

  • Speed
    We are a privately-held corporation whose shareholders are managers within the Enerparc Group. Without a long chain of command, we are able to make quick decisions and promptly start implementation.
  • Objectiveness
    We are technology agnostic and always seek to tailor solutions that will maximize project returns.
  • Flexibility
    We retain core expertise in house and outsource all support functions.
  • Cost and efficiency leader
    We leverage our global supply relationships and European implementation successes.

Our focus is on developing and implementing solar photovoltaic projects in North America from one megawatt in size up to 100 megawatts.

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